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Step 2. Design your program and set a goal.

Your assessment of your waste stream in Step 1 should help you choose an area of focus. Now it’s time to set a goal and design your program to work toward that goal.

Set a specific, measurable goal for your program. “We want to reduce paper use by 40% over the next six months.” This goal is specific – reducing paper use over six months – and measurable – you can compare receipts for paper orders from one set period to the next.

Gather employee feedback.To be successful, your recycling program must be easy to understand and convenient to use. Be sure to seek employee input when designing or improving your program.

See sample questions you can use in an employee recycling survey or focus group.

Make sure bins are clearly marked. For your recycling program to be effective, recycle bins inside and outside your building must be clearly and consistently marked. This is essential not only so employees put the right materials in them, but also so custodial staff empties them into the correct bins outside.

picture of recycling stickers Color-code your recycle bins to make them more consistent. Contact your hauler to request their official signs and stickers for your bins and break rooms.

Discuss your service options with your garbage and recycling hauler. Contact your hauler to discuss prices, schedules, and service options.

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