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Step 5. Keep it up!

Even the best recycling and waste prevention programs need a bit of upkeep and fine-tuning.

Expand your recycling beyond your SingleStream bin. Find options for recycling and reusing other items.

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Make it official. Be recognized for your efforts by applying for Thurston Green Business designation or other green certification programs.

Solid Waste staff can help you conduct a waste audit, form a green team, or find other ways to earn points toward Thurston Green Business designation.

You can also register for the EPA’s WasteWise program.

Establish a sustainability policy. Use staff meetings, your website, newsletters, and other publications to inform employees about the policy. Integrate waste prevention and recycling information into employee orientation. See sample sustainability policies:

Donate surplus food to the Thurston County Food Bank. Grocery stores and restaurants can keep good food out of the landfill and in the hands of those who need it most.

Think beyond non-perishable; you may donate unsold meats, dairy, bakery, and produce items that have passed their sell-by dates as well as food that has already been prepared but not served.

picture of woman writing on white boardHold waste-free meetings.

Cut waste by opting out of junk mail.

Find a greener caterer for your next meeting or event.

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