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Please contact us at 360-867-2491 if you’d like to receive training and/or a free assessment to assist your business.


FreshPaper: The manufacturer will provide a free pack for Thurston County residents, with any online FreshPaper purchase! Just visit FreshPaper's website and enter in the code "THURSTON" at checkout. Plus, for every pack you buy, FreshPaper donates a pack to the Thurston County Food Bank.

Olympia Food Co-op has signed up as our first retail partner! Visit their two locations for signs with waste prevention tips, flyers, and point-of-sale discounts on food waste prevention products. They will be posting Waste Less Food information on their blog, website, and in their newsletter.

Below are some ways that the Co-op is reducing wasted food.

  • In the grocery department: we donate to the Food Bank and community groups, sell expiring foods at a lower price, give food to working members and staff members, or compost it if appropriate. We do whatever we can to not "throw it out". The only time that that happens is when there is a health recall on a product and it isn't safe to have the food being eaten.
  • In the frozen department: there is a discount bin for things that have damaged packaging—without compromising the food—or when we have products that have been discontinued and we won't be getting more in. If something comes in as a sample offer that we have decided not to carry, we simply call the food bank.
  • In the produce department: produce scraps are composted, less than perfect food that is still edible is put in the reduced bin and sold for .75 cents per pound, and we also donate produce to the food bank.
  • In the deli: all food waste is composted, and any leftover food that cannot be sold is given to working members and staff members.
  • In the bakery: bakery items get reduced and sold at a discounted price or given to working members and staff.
  • In the bulk foods department: waste goes to the working members and staff.
  • In the chill/dairy department: food items are marked down as they near expiration, and any reduced items not sold by the pull date are given to working members or staff.


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