Electronics and "technotrash"

tv stackManufacturers are now required by state law to offer recycling services for certain electronic items at no cost to residents, nonprofits, small businesses, schools and local governments. The law took effect January 1, 2009 and applies to the following items only:

  • TVs
  • Desktop computers
  • Laptop computers
  • Monitors
  • E-book readers (such as The Kindle and the Nook)
  • Portable DVD players

The state Department of Ecology is coordinating and enforcing the law through the E-CYCLE Washington program.

Where should I take items for the E-CYCLE program?

Items covered under the state law (as listed above) are accepted at collection sites authorized by the state Department of Ecology. Authorized sites in Thurston County are listed below. Goodwill will also accept other types of electronics, provided they are in working condition.

Note: Residents have reported that Goodwill Stores will occasionally turn down an E-Cycle delivery if the store is short-staffed or does not have enough storage space that day. Please call before making a delivery to ensure your items will be accepted.

Goodwill Lacey Retail Store
1145 Galaxy Drive NE in Lacey
(360) 413-7191
Goodwill Yelm Retail Store
906 East Yelm Avenue in Yelm
(360) 400-2400
Goodwill Olympia Retail Store
400 Cooper Point Road SW in Olympia
(360) 956-0669

  Goodwill South Lacey Retail Store
4800 Yelm Highway SE in Lacey
360) 456-1800
Goodwill Lacey Donation Station
Waste and Recovery Center
2420 Hogum Bay Road in Lacey
(253) 573-1333 ext. 306
  Value Village Lacey
604 Sleater-Kinney Rd SE, Lacey
(360) 923-2410

What other options are available for electronics?

Local businesses: Many local businesses accept working and nonworking electronics. Visit the Where Do I Take My? database for a list. Reusing products is even better than recycling, because the items don't need to be reprocessed before they can be used again.

2good2toss.com: Working electronics can be sold or given away on www.2good2toss.com, Thurston County's free materials-exchange Web site. All items are $200 or less, with many free. There‚Äôs no cost to use the site. 

Where can I take CDs, VHS tapes and cases?

Visit the Where Do I Take My? database for a list of places that accept CDs, VHS tapes and cases.

Where can I sell or donate items?

If you have working electronic items of any type, try listing them on an online materials exchange website:

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