Household hazardous waste disposal

Dispose of asbestos safely at the Waste and Recovery Center

To dispose of asbestos at the Waste and Recovery Center, you must make an appointment at least 12 hours in advance by calling Thurston Public Works at 867-2491 during business hours. Appointments must be scheduled for weekdays only, between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

red arrow To remove the asbestos yourself, you must get a permit from ORCAA before you start your project.

Wrapping requirements

1) Thoroughly wet.

2)  Double wrap in six millimeter plastic (not the equivalent) with no air pockets. If you need a bag, contact Jo Evans at the Waste and Recovery Center, (360) 867-2491 or e-mail

asbestos3) Seal with tape.

4) Mark each bag with : "CAUTION, CONTAINS ASBESTOS FIBERS" and with your name, address, and daytime phone number.

For the Asbestos Notice, customers must specify what type of material they will bring in (friable or non-friable, and whether it is pipe, pipe insulation, tile, etc.)


Waste and Recovery Center asbestos disposal fee:
   300 lbs or less: $22 flat rate
   More than 300 lbs: $143 per ton (prorated)

Asbestos is not accepted at the Rainier or Rochester drop boxes.

For questions regarding the proper handling of asbestos, please call Mark Koster at (360) 867-2578.

Contact us

Call the Solid Waste Hotline at (360) 867-2491 or e-mail


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