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Recycling batteries

batteriesBatteries are essential to our everyday lives, especially with advances in portable technologies like cells phones, iPods, digital cameras and PDAs. As the sale of battery-operated devices has increased, so too has the challenge of disposing of batteries safely.  Fortunately, several opportunities are available to recycle batteries in Thurston County.


For locations that accept batteries, click on the "batteries" link on the Where Do I Take My? database.  Thurston County's HazoHouse also accepts all types of batteries, except standard alkaline batteries.

Note:  Residents who take batteries to HazoHouse must place tape over the contact ends of the batteries, or place each battery in an individual plastic baggie.  This is a requirement of the federal Department of Transportation, which in April 2009 announced stricter safety measures for the ground transportation of batteries for recycling or disposal. Any type of tape can be used.

Types of batteries

Lead-acid batteries are associated with motor vehicles, boats, off-road vehicles, and small-engine equipment.

lead acid batteries

Alkaline batteries are the most common household batteries used for powering flashlights, small appliances, some personal electronics, and other small electric items. HazoHouse no longer accepts alkaline batteries. Residents may take alkaline batteries to a battery recycler or place them in the trash. Businesses are required to take alkaline batteries to a recycler due to state and federal law.

alkaline batteries

Rechargeable dry-cell batteries are commonly found in power tools, some personal electronic devices, toothbrushes, and cell phones. Many are labeled with the seal shown on the right. Rechargeable batteries include: Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh, Li-ion, small sealed Pb (lead).

rechargeable batteries

Lithium metal batteries are long-lasting batteries that are becoming more popular to use in electronic devices, but they are NOT rechargeable. (Lithium metal batteries are not the same as the rechargeable Li-ion batteries described above.) Many lithium metal batteries may look similar to alkaline batteries or rechargeable dry cell batteries. Look carefully at your battery's label before recycling.

lithium batteries

Uncommon or unique batteries that don't fit in one of the categories above, such as silver oxide, "button batteries," and hearing aid batteries are also accepted at Thurston County's HazoHouse.

misc. batteries

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