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Holiday waste recycling

After the holidays, we're often left with a lot of stuff to get rid of. It's tempting to wad up that mountain of wrapping paper, bows, and other packaging and jam it into your recycle cart.

Unfortunately, most holiday waste can't go in your curbside recycle cart or in the recycle bins at the Waste and Recovery Center (WARC). The lists we've put together below show you where you can take certain holiday items to be reused or recycled, as well as which items can't be recycled. 

Find drop-off locations for holiday waste items

The following items do not go in your recycle cart or in the WARC's recycle bins, but there are drop-off locations that will reuse or recycle them.

Get a new watch or upgrade your cell phone? Don't forget to list used, working items on a reuse website or take them to a local thrift store.

These items DO NOT go in your recycle cart

The following items do not go in your recycle cart or in the WARC's recycle bins and must go in the trash.

  • Wrapping paper lined with foil or plastic (it's usually shiny).
  • Cloth and plastic film bags.
  • All types of ribbon, string, wire, or plastic strapping.
  • All decorative bows.
  • Tissue paper - all colors.
  • Cardboard and other paper packaging contaminated with food or oils.
  • All gift bags (laminated, paper, canvas, foil, or plastic).
  • Padded or plastic mailing envelopes (Tyvek, bubble mailers).
  • Plastic clamshell and "blister pack" packaging.
  • Plastic "air pouch" packaging.

Yikes! So, what can you do to avoid this waste? Find creative ways to wrap gifts! Check out some ideas for alternative gift wrap here.

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