Yard & food waste at the Waste and Recovery Center

fall leavesPut your yard waste to good use at the Thurston County Waste and Recovery Center (WARC). Much of the self-hauled yard waste brought to the WARC is ground into a mulch product on-site and made available to customers for free. Organic waste not used in the mulch program is trucked off-site and turned into compost or fuel.

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View or download the Yard & Food Waste Acceptance List .

Items accepted as self-hauled yard & food waste

  • Grass, leaves, brush prunings, and pine needles
  • Fruit, flower, and vegetable garden scraps
  • Weeds (No noxious or problem weeds—dispose of them as garbage. Certain noxious weeds qualify for free disposal. Please contact Thurston County Noxious Weeds for more information about noxious weeds.)
  • Shrubs (no soil, rocks, or root balls)
  • Beauty bark (no soil or rocks)
  • Untreated lumber (no paint or stains, no size limit)
  • Branches, limbs, and stumps less than 24 inches in diameter (no soil or rocks); call before bringing anything longer than 20 feet
  • Christmas trees
  • Food scraps (Monday through Friday only)

Items NOT accepted as self-hauled yard waste 

Note: Mixed loads of garbage and food/yard waste will be charged the garbage rate.

Interested in curbside organics collection? Learn more here.

Contact us

Call the Solid Waste Info Line at (360) 867-2491 or email ThurstonSolidWaste@co.thurston.wa.us.

The Thurston County Solid Waste Program is a division of they county's Public Works Department.

Note: Although Solid Waste facilities are open on weekends and some holidays, staff are not available by phone or email on those days.

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