Solid Waste publications and resources

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General Solid Waste publications
Talkin' Trash newsletter
Rainier and Rochester Drop-Box Facilities rack card
Waste and Recovery Center rack card
LeMay Curbside Recycling Guide
LeMay Curbside Yard & Food Waste Guide
City of Olympia Waste Resources
Publications for businesses
Business waste tip sheets Recycling Toolkit for Property Managers
Publications for K-12 schools
School presentations Flyer
Trash Talk newsletter for 4th & 5th Graders
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (RRR) Patch Manual
Patch Manual
Hazardous waste publications
Disposal of sharps and unused medications flyer
Household Hazardous Waste Disposal  
Videos (external links)videoicon
The Story of Stuff Where Our Recycling Goes
Thurston County Solid Waste YouTube channel  
Regulations, plans, studies, and reports
Thurston County sustainability reports Other regulations, plans and studies













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