Garbage and recycling information

Residential garbage, recycling, and organics collection services

Service providers

The City of Olympia, provides service to residents within the city limits. Please call (360) 753-8368 – option 1.

The areas below are serviced by Harold LeMay Enterprises, which is part of Waste Connections.

  • Bucoda:
    Call the Town of Bucoda for service with LeMay: (360) 278-3525
  • Cooper Point and Steamboat Island:
    Butler's Cove: (360) 923-0111 or e-mail
  • Yelm/Rainier:
    Rural Refuse: (360) 923-0111 or e-mail
  • Tenino, Rochester and the rest of southwest Thurston County:
    Joe's Refuse: (360) 736-4769 or e-mail
  • Lacey, Tumwater, Summit Lake, and remaining areas of unincorporated Thurston County:
    Pacific Disposal: (360) 923-0111 or e-mail
  • Summit Lake:
    Pacific Disposal: (360) 923-0111 or e-mail

Pick-up schedules

Collection schedules for LeMay and Olympia customers.

Ways to save money

Your trash bin might be looking rather empty these days, now that you’re doing such a great job recycling and composting. LeMay Enterprises and the City of Olympia have several cost-effective options for trash service. Both service providers offer small, medium, and large garbage carts. The City of Olympia collects garbage, recycle, and organics other week. LeMay Enterprises offers a variety of pickup schedules and cart sizes, depending on where you live. Right-size your trash service today and save!

Recycle only service

Residents who self haul their garbage and live in areas served by LeMay Enterprises can sign up for curbside recycling for a nominal monthly fee.

Alternative cart sizes and carry out service

LeMay customers automatically receive a 96-gallon recycle cart when they sign up for garbage service. If the cart is too large, you have the right to call your hauler and request a 64-gallon container. The Thurston County ordinance requires haulers to provide this alternative size. Residents who have limited physical mobility, or have trouble accessing the curbside pickup location, can work with their haulers to find an approach that meets their needs. This may involve getting a small, 32-gallon container, or carryout service. The City of Olympia also offers a variety of recycling cart sizes.

A few things to remember: There is no fee to switch from a large cart to a small cart the first time, but your hauler may charge a fee for subsequent requests. In addition, all carts are charged the same recycling rate, regardless of their size. Residents who request carry-out service may also pay an additional fee.

Bulky item pickup service

Both the City of Olympia and LeMay Enterprises pick up large, bulky items for disposal for an extra fee. They also have bins that can be placed at your location for those larger clean-up jobs.

Vehicle tow mount

Getting the carts to the public roadside collection point can be a challenge for some rural residents. Products such as the Cansporter mount into a conventional vehicle tow receiver and carts are lifted and latched in place for easy transport. Thurston County does not endorse any products but is providing this link for informational purposes only.



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