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Reducing construction and demolition debris

construction workerConstruction and demolition (C&D) debris represents a significant amount of the total solid waste produced in Thurston County. The good news is much of it is reusable or recyclable. Whether you are a commercial builder or simply remodeling your own home, you can save money by keeping materials out of the landfill. See below for options.


Recovery 1, Inc is located less than two miles off Interstate 5 in the Industrial Port of Tacoma. They recycle and reuse a wide variety of construction materials, gypsum, carpet/padding, and land clearing debris from new or remodeled construction projects. You can haul it yourself or use a service. Their rate is much less than trash disposal at the WARC. Their highest rates are as follows:

  • New Construction Commingled debris per ton = $70.00
  • Demolition/Renovation debris per ton =$70.00

For more information and materials requirements, Contact Recovery 1, Inc at or call 1-800-949-5852. See a full list of their rates here.


South Puget Sound Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit that sells reusable building materials at their two stores in Thurston County. Proceeds are used to build homes for low-income families. Donations are tax deductible and can be brought to the following locations:

  • Habitat Store – 400 Cooper Point Rd SW, Olympia
  • Habitat Store – 412 Yelm Ave E, Yelm


The Thurston County Waste and Recovery Center at Hawks Prairie on Hogum Bay Rd NE does NOT recycle C&D material. Any waste taken there will be charged and processed as garbage. Garbage rates are as follows:

  • Loads weighing 300 pounds or less = $18.00
  • Loads weighing more than 300 pounds = $119.00 per ton, prorated. One ton is 2,000 pounds, so the per-ton garbage rate is 5.95 cents per pound.

This rate also applies to construction and demolition debris, sheetrock, roofing, non-refrigerated appliances, furniture and vehicle tires. (There is a 5-tire limit per customer per day). See a full list of disposal rates here.

On-site C&D debris removal

You can self-haul materials to the above facilities or have a hauling company bring a dumpster to your jobsite. The companies listed below will pick up material from your location. *Remember to ask for proof of recycling, especially if you are applying for third-party green certification of your project. Certain restrictions, requirements, and/or permits may be required for recycling. If your company hauls C&D materials for recycling, please contact us at (360) 867-2282 or to be added to this list.

Find other recycling and reuse locations

Visit our Where Do I Take My? database for a list of where to take construction and demolition debris. Be sure to call before taking any materials to the facilities, and describe exactly what you have. Certain restrictions or requirements may apply and some items require specific permits from various agencies. There may be charge to recycle certain commodities, but the cost is usually lower than trash disposal rates. You may even receive payment for certain items.

Reusing materials is even more cost effective and environmentally beneficial than recycling. Use reclaimed materials in your project. Donate, give away, or sell materials you don’t need.

  • Habitat for Humanity Stores: Shop for or donate building materials. Proceeds help South Puget Sound Habitat for Humanity build homes for Thurston County’s most in-need families. Receive a tax-deductible receipt for your donated items.

Recycling is as easy as 1-2-3!

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