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Curbside recycling service for apartments, condominiums and mobile home parks

Thurston County Ordinance 13696 requires owners and managers of multifamily dwellings to pay for recycling services at their facilities. (This ordinance applies to complexes where the owner or manager receives the solid waste bill for the entire complex, instead of having each resident billed individually by the hauler.)

Residents can take a few steps out the door to on-site recycling containers. Glass goes in one container and all the other recyclables are comingled in another -- no more sorting!

For owners and managers, the ordinance may mean a big cost savings. Recycling services cost much less than trash disposal, so the more residents recycle, the higher the savings. Keep in mind: All facility costs are eventually passed down to you, the resident, so recycling may keep more money in your wallet too.

apartment recyclingDoes your site lack curbside recycling? Please urge your property manager to call Pacific Disposal at (360) 923-0111 to arrange for recycling bins.

Learn how to prepare materials for multifamily recycling service.

Recycling Toolkit for Property Managers (PDF)

Resident Move Out Recycling and Reuse Resources - update available soon

For property managers: Ordinance 13696 describing minimum levels of service for residential recycling collection.

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