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Reuse items instead of tossing them

Reusing items is even more environmentally friendly than recycling! The term “reuse” means more than just using the same item over and over yourself – it means maximizing the life of the product and all the materials that went into making it. You “reuse” when you borrow or loan items, buy used products, choose durable products at the store, or use old items for creative new purposes.

Check out our Where Do I Take My? database to find out how to exchange used items. You can sell, donate, and buy used items on the following Web sites:

Tips for reusing items

  • Give away, donate, or sell  items you no longer need, or shop for previously used items rather than buying new. Visit our Where Do I Take My? database to find drop-off locations.
  • Take your own coffee cup to the coffee shop instead of receiving a disposable cups. Some coffee stands will charge you a few pennies less for bringing a reusable mug.
  • Turn scrap paper into a notepad using staples or glue. 
  • Take your spent ink cartridges back to the office supply store so they can be remanufactured.  Some even offer cash incentives. Also, most companies are now offering free shipping and recycling of their ink and toner cartridges. Simply look at your printer to identify the manufacturer and view that company's website. Most companies have a section dedicated to their recycling program or environmental program with more information. 
  • Compost your food and yard waste to reduce trash by up to 40%.  It's a simple way to reduce waste and produce a nutrient-rich conditioner for your lawn, garden and houseplants .
  • Use reclaimed (salvaged) items in your building or yard & garden project. Find places that accept and re-sell used building materials.
  • Plastic margarine tubs and yogurt containers are good for freezing jams and vegetables, or for storing leftovers in the refrigerator. The tubs and containers can also be used to store push pins, tacks and other small office items.
  • Re-use paper that is printed on only one side: Simply put it back into your printer's paper drawer and print on the other side. This is a perfect approach for printing drafts, receipts and other documents that are for your personal use.
  • Give the magazines you've already read to interested friends, office waiting rooms, and organizations such as hospitals or schools.
  • Buy gift bags that can be used over and over instead of wrapping paper.

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