Solid Waste Management Plan

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Plan Review Process

Developed with the guidance of the Thurston County Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC), the SWMP recommends strategies to manage solid waste generated in the county over the next six to 20 years. The SWMP is a collaborative effort of participating cities, industry representatives and the county to provide citizens with efficient, reliable and affordable solid waste collection, handling, recycling and disposal services in order to improve the quality of life while protecting and preserving human health, environmental quality and natural resources.

The 2021 Solid Waste Management Plan focuses on facility upgrades at the Waste and Recovery Center, the Rainier and Rochester Drop Boxes, and the closed Hawks Prairie Landfill, as well as waste reduction, recycling, and system enhancements.

  • Review the plan
  • Thurston County sought comments on the plan September 1-30, 2020. The public comment period is now closed.

    In addition to online comments and plan review, there were two opportunities to participate in an educational online open house about the plan.

    Watch a video of the September 17, 2020 online open house!

    Next Steps 

    The draft plan has been reviewed by participating municipalities and adopted by the  Board of County Commissioners. It has been submitted to the Washington State Department of Ecology for final approval.                                       


    Washington State law requires that each county, in cooperation with the cities located in the county prepare a coordinated, comprehensive solid waste management plan as outlined in RCW 70A.205. The purpose is to plan for solid waste and materials reduction, collection, and handling, and management services and programs throughout the county and state. This plan is prepared with the assistance of the Thurston County Solid Waste Advisory Committee which includes representatives from local jurisdictions in Thurston County, as well as citizens and other stakeholders.

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