Thurston County Superior Court first implemented its Alternative Dispute Resolution Program (ADR) in the Spring of 1995.  The program began as ADR Week and, in the year 2000, expanded to year-round ADR.  Over half of the cases that participate in ADR settle at or before their ADR session.


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          LOCAL ADR RULE


  • Are there any fees associated with ADR?

Yes.  A fee of $100 per participating party will be charged for the first two hours of the ADR session.  The fee is payable to the facilitator by check or money order at the start of the ADR session.  Facilitators will charge for additional sessions or time at their customary rates.  The initial two-hour session fee may be waived by the Court on proof of indigency.


  • When should I file the Notice of Request to Participate in ADR?

Either party can file and serve a Request to Participate in ADR at any time.  If the Court's ADR program is chosen and identified in the Case Schedule Order, the Request to Participate in ADR should be filed and served no later than 60 days before the ADR deadline.  A copy of the Request to Participate in ADR should be provided to the ADR Coordinator.


  • How do I object to ADR?

Any party objecting to participation in the Court's ADR program shall immediately notify all other parties.  If the objection is not resolved between the parties within 14 days from the notice of the Request to Participate in ADR, the requesting party shall request that the judicial assistant for the assigned department schedule a teleconference between the parties and the assigned judge.  The judge may require ADR or waive participation.


  • How is the ADR Facilitator selected?

The ADR Coordinator shall select a facilitator from the panel maintained by the Court.  The parties will be notified as soon as the facilitator has been selected.  Alternatively, the parties may stipulate to a facilitator from the panel maintained by the court.


  • Litigants: Click here to view the Panel of Facilitators (Settlement Attorneys and Mediators)?
  • Attorneys: How can I become a Facilitator (Settlement Attorney and/or Mediator)?

To serve as a settlement attorney, an attorney must be a member of the Washington State Bar Association who has been admitted to the Bar for a minimum of 10 years and who has included the type of case assigned in the attorney's areas of practice for at least 10 years.

To serve as a mediator, an attorney must meet the above requirements and have completed a recognized program with at least 40 hours of instruction or training and be approved by the Court.



Note of Request to Participate in ADR
Agreement to Participate
Stipulation to ADR Facilitator
ADR Evaluation Form


Notice of ADR Case Setting
ADR Session Report
Request to Serve as Settlement Attorney
Request to Serve as Mediator

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