Judge Carol Murphy was elected to the Thurston County Superior Court bench in 2008, and began her first term in 2009, her second term in 2013, and her third term in 2017. She currently presides over civil and felony criminal trials and civil motions on matters assigned to her. She also regularly hears a variety of administrative appeals. Her experience on the bench includes four years as Presiding Judge for Superior Court, Criminal Presiding Judge for two years and Presiding Judge for Thurston County DUI/Drug Court for three years.

Before her election to the bench, she practiced law in Olympia with the Attorney General's Office for more than 17 years. Judge Murphy's legal career included many trials in Superior Court and U.S. District Court and appeals at every level in State and Federal Courts. She argued several significant cases before the Washington Supreme Court and Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Judge Murphy has been actively involved in her community, serving leadership roles in many organizations including Washington Women Lawyers, Thurston County Bar Association, Government Lawyers Bar Association, Thurston County Volunteer Legal Clinic Foundation, and Girl Scouts of Western Washington. She has previously served on several committees of the Superior Court Judges Association Civil Committee including her current service on the Equality and Fairness Committee. She also currently serves on the state-wide Council on Public Legal Education. Judge Murphy received her B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Washington (1987) and her J.D. from Golden Gate University (1991).