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At the bottom of this section, click on the button titled “RESPOND”. You will be transferred to the secure Jury Response Pages. Log onto the Jury Response Pages by providing the information found on your jury summons.

Juror Response Graphic

Once logged in, you will be taken to the Dashboard (the main Jury Response Page).

Scroll through the Dashboard for important information, including the status of your service. You can return to the Dashboard at any time.

Juror Web Site Dashboard

Juror Dashboard Instructions

Once you have clicked on each tab and either confirmed/updated the information or entered your responses, sign out. You have completed your Response.

Return to the Jury Home page and click the Call-in Procedure button to review the call-in procedure which you will begin the weekend prior to your term of service.

Note:  If you do not qualify to serve as a juror, you will be directed to log out after the completion of the Qualification page. Please be aware that at any time the court may require you to provide documentation to support your responses. Click here to review who qualifies to serve as a juror.

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