Thurston County Welcomes You to Jury Service

WARNING! Jury scams target the Thurston County community.

Scammers are calling and writing people and saying they missed jury duty. They are not court staff or from the sheriff’s office -- they are trying to steal your money or commit identity theft. They ask for money or personal information like Social Security numbers, birth dates, or bank account information. They may threaten you, say that there is a warrant for your arrest or say that you owe a court fine. Stop right there. Put away your wallet. Hang up the phone, ignore the email.

Court staff will never ask potential jurors for money or confidential information over the phone, email, or mail. Do not give money or information to these people. Just hang up or ignore the message. Anyone who responded to these scams should report the incident to the police.

Jury duty is a vital civil responsibility and should be taken seriously by everyone. These scams are not part of jury duty.

If you are ready to respond to your summons, please click the Respond button.

Respond Button

If you would like more information about the process,
below is a list of questions, answers, information, and steps for you to take.

How do I know Button
  • After 6:00 p.m. on the Friday before your jury term begins, or anytime over that weekend, call to reach the Jury Information Line at (360) 786-5566.
  • You will hear a recorded message which lists which Group Numbers are to report to the courthouse on Monday (or Tuesday, if Monday is a legal holiday).
  • If your Group Number is listed , you will be told what time to report to the courthouse as well as the specific reporting location.
  • If your Group Number is NOT listed , you will be directed to call into the Jury Information Line Monday evening, after 6:00 p.m. (or Tuesday, if Monday is a legal holiday) to learn whether you are to report the following day.
  • Continue to call in each evening, after 6:00 p.m., during your Term of Service to learn whether you are to report for jury service.
  • Reporting times and locations vary so please listen carefully to the recorded message.

Where Is The Courthouse Button

Please use the Juror/Employee parking area or free street parking unless traveling the distance from the parking area to the courthouse would be a difficulty for you.

In that case you may park in the public parking area of the courthouse. Do not park in reserved parking.

Use of handicap or disabled parking spaces require a permit.

Click here for directions to the courthouse.

Postpone Summons Button
You may reschedule your jury term once within a three month period.

Student: Please call (360) 754-3355 x 6582 so we can reschedule during your winter, spring or summer break.

Follow the required process outlined on each page then click on the POSTPONE tab where you will be able to indicate a date that will work better for your schedule.

Excused from Service Button
There are two steps that must be followed in order for a request for excusal from service to be considered.

STEP ONE: Complete the On-Line Response Pages

STEP TWO: Then, email, mail, fax, or hand deliver a written letter to Jury Administration citing the reason for the excusal request, along with the required documentation (see below).

Supportive Documentation:

Medical: Requires letter or note from your physician or health care provider. This statement does not need to include personal medical information, simply the provider’s recommendation as to whether you should serve. Letter must include your Juror ID #, your full name, doctor’s full name and contact information, and signature.

Financial: Requires a letter from both you and your employer. Your employer’s letter must be on company letterhead, and it must state the pay policy while serving on jury. Your attached letter must state the financial hardship that would be placed on you. You do not need to divulge financial information. You must include your Juror ID #, your full name, employer’s name and contact information, and your signature.

Self Employed: Please provide documentation of your business, such as a copy of your business license (not just the license number), along with your letter stating the financial hardship that would be placed on you. You do not need to divulge financial information.

Student: Requires a copy of your class schedule or letter from the registrar’s office.
Please call (360) 754-3355 x 6582 so we can reschedule during your winter, spring or summer break.

Military: Request needs to include notification of base assignment, copy of deployment order or commander’s letter designating service member is mission essential in accordance with 10 USC 982. Redact your Social Security Number and any other sensitive information.

Other: Written requests should include your Juror ID #, your full name, and your term of service. Please remember that Washington Law recognizes no exemptions on the sole basis of profession.

Jury Administration, Thurston County Superior Court
2000 Lakeridge Drive SW, Building #2
Olympia, WA  98502



Requests must be received at least FOUR business days before your term of service begins. Whether your request for excusal is granted or denied, you will receive an advisory postcard.

Five Steps Button
  1. You will receive the summons
    Summons are mailed 4 to 6 weeks prior to your term of service. You will be directed to go to this website for further information.
  2. Then you will RESPOND to the summons -
    After reviewing all the information found on this web page, click on the RESPOND button. You will be transferred to the Jury Response Pages where you will:
    • Review/update your contact information (address and contact information)
    • Answer qualification questions. You must be an American Citizen, a resident of Thurston County, be able to communicate in the English language, and be a non-felon or a felon with civil rights restored).
    • Please be aware that at any time the court may require you to provide documentation to support your responses.
    • Complete a questionnaire. This information will be used during the jury selection process.
    • Additional options. You will be allowed to postpone your term of service once within two months of the original summons date. You will find information about how to request an excusal from jury service.
    • If you seek to have your service postponed or excused, you must still complete the qualification and questionnaire sections.
    • For excusal requests, in addition to completing the qualification and questionnaire sections, you will be required to mail, email, or hand deliver supportive documentation to Jury Administration. You will receive a postcard advising if your request for excusal has been granted.
  3. Next, you will dial the jury call-in phone number -
    The weekend prior to your term of service, and each evening after 6 p.m. throughout your term of service, dial the jury call-in phone number (360) 786-5566 and listen to the recorded message. Click the link above for the Call-In Procedure.
  4. Finally, you will report for jury service –
    If your group # is listed in the recorded message, you will report to the courthouse as directed (the recording will tell you the reporting time and location).

    Failing to report for jury service, if directed, can result in a misdemeanor. RCW 2.36.170.

    Click the "Where is the Courthouse" button above for courthouse location and parking information.

    Click the "Commonly Asked Questions" button below for the Dress Code.
  5. Jury selection -
    At the courthouse, you will check in, be given a short orientation / presentation, and then be taken to a courtroom to begin the jury selection process.

Commonly Asked Questions Button
Where do I park when I report for jury service?
There is a parking lot for jurors between the courthouse and the Red Lion hotel, however, it does fill up fast so you might want to plan to arrive early. Bus service is available from Capitol Lake and runs approximately every fifteen (15) minutes. Also, there is usually parking a short walk from the courthouse on Evergreen Loop Drive. If you have a handicap permit there are several parking spaces available in front of the courthouse buildings.
Where do I report and what happens?
You will either be asked to report to Building 1 or Building 2 at the Thurston County Courthouse. Building 1 opens at 7:30 a.m. and Building 2 opens at 8:00 a.m. You may be asked to report as early as 7:00 a.m.
Where do I have lunch?
Jurors are welcome to bring their lunch, however no refrigeration is available. The Red Lion hotel has a coffee shop and is within walking distance. An espresso bar is located in front of Building 2 and they provide several different beverages, pastries and at lunchtime offer sandwiches, salads and hotdogs.
Is security provided?
Building 2 and 3 have security officers and a metal detector. Everyone entering Building 2 or 3 will be screened. Please do not take this personally, as it is a safety feature for all of us. It is recommended that you limit what you bring with you to the courthouse as it will save time going through security. It is recommended that you bring some reading material as there are periods of waiting. Firearms, knives and other dangerous weapons may not be taken into the courthouse.
What should I wear for jury duty?
This building complex was built more than 40 years ago. Temperatures in both buildings vary from courtroom to courtroom and waiting areas. Business casual is the dress code for jury duty and we recommend that you dress in layers. Please do not wear loungewear, beachwear, athletic wear or shorts.
What should I bring?
You will have to go through security and storage space is limited, so please do not bring any large bags, unnecessary items, or anything that could be perceived as a weapon. Please bring a water bottle that you will be able to refill. We recommend you bring a book or something to do during down time.

ADA and Accomodation Button
It is the policy of the Superior Court to ensure that all individuals have equal and full access to the judicial system. If you need a reasonable accommodation in order to serve as a juror, please contact our offices as soon possible so that we can coordinate this need.

(360) 754-3355 x 6582 (Jury Administrator)
(360) 754-2933 (TDD)
or (800) 737-7894

Click here for more information about the County's ADA Accommodation policies

Request Form Button
If you would prefer to respond to your jury summons in writing rather than on-line, please call (360) 754-3355 x 6582 so that a full-sized paper summons can be mailed to you.