Noxious Weed Control Assistance

Providing education and environmentally sound advice for noxious weed control in Thurston County.

The following information and services are offered to  the public by Thurston County noxious weed control:

  • Educational presentations
  • Plant identification especially those that  may be noxious weeds:
    • If you have a plant you would like identified, you have the option of e-mailing a digital image with your contact information.
    • If we are unable to identify the plant from the photo, we may ask you to bring a sample to the office.
  • Consults on your property
  • DVD's, videos, informational brochures and pamphlets.
  • The use of a manual scotch broom removal tool is available for a one week interval.
    To borrow:
    • Call our office at 360-786-5576 to check availability.
    • Schedule an appointment for pick up.
    • If a the tool is not available, we will place your name on a waiting list.
    • Each person who borrows the tool must sign a liability disclaimer form.

Free Disposal 

  • Some noxious weeds can be disposed of for free at the Thurston County  Waste and Recovery centers seasonally from April 15th to August 31st. To view a poster of which weeds are and are not eligible for free disposal, please click here.
  • For locations and hours, please click here.

Problem weeds 

  • Some problem weeds such as Knotweed, Scotch broom, blackberry and English Ivy are not on Thurston County's list for free disposal, but are of concern to citizens.Click here to find out what do to with other bad weeds.

Educational DisplaysEducational Display

Educational displays of select noxious weed species are available for use at community events. Please call 360-786-5576 for information about availability. Click the links to view pdf examples of each display.


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