Weed Control Board


The members of the Board represent the people and interests of the districts from which each is appointed. The members of the Board also have administrative duties for the noxious weed control program including  the annual noxious weed list for Thurston County.

A strategic management plan was adopted on June 4, 2013 by The Thurston County Board of Commissioners. To view please click here.

Our program fulfills the requirements of RCW 17.10 Noxious Weeds-Control Boards

Responsibilities of the Weed Board and its members

  • Represent the people and interest of the district from which each is appointed.
  • Administer the noxious weed control program by establishing policies and procedures in accordance with statutes and state regulations.
  • Adopt Rules and Regulations and annual Noxious Weed List.
  • Participate in work sessions and briefings with the Board of County Commissioners.
  • Conduct hearings, apply liens on properties and attend meetings.
  • Propose Grants.
  • Submit to the Board of County commissioners a proposed level of assessment.
  • Propose an annual budget for operation of the noxious weed control program.
  • Advertises, accepts applications, and recommends to the Board of County Commissioners the most qualified applicant for board membership.

Weed Board meetings

Weed Board meetings are held at 5:30 p.m., unless otherwise stated, in the Thurston County Public Works Rainier Room located at 9605 Tilley Road S, Olympia WA. The public is encouraged to attend and participate in all meetings of the Board.

The Thurston County Noxious Weed Control Board has scheduled its regular meetings for 2019 as follows: January 28, March 25, April 22, July 22, August 26, September 23, October 28 and November 25.

 Contact Us

Address questions or comments to: tcweeds@co.thurston.wa.us