Long Lake and Lake Lawrence LMD's

Contact Information

NEW! 9605 Tilley Rd. S. Bldg B
Olympia, WA 98512


(360) 786-5576



Public Works

Jennifer Walker, Department Director and liaison to the Board of County Commissioners

Noxious Weed & Lake Management Staff

Tim Wilson, Manager

Mary Jo Seery, Lead Weed Technician
Mike Murphy,
Weed Technician

Angela Celestine, Senior Office Assistant


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Thurston County water specialists work with local communities to protect the quality of water in Long Lake and Lake Lawrence. The activities are funded and managed through Lake Management Districts(LMD) a form of special-service district that receives revenues through charges on lake-area properties.


Lake Information

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Staff contact: Tim Wilson (360)786-5831. E-mail: twilson@co.thurston.wa.us


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